On this day

I have recently started a little project in our hallway.  On it I have hung 33 clipboards - one for every day of a month and one for a header, introductory page {which my daughter is responsible for creating} and one hanging last in the row for notes about that month.  On each clipboard is a photo from every day of the month going back as many years as I have photos for.  Why?  A few reasons actually...

Q:  If life is a darkroom  what would be the drying rack?  What would be the print?

What's the point of photography?  For me, I thought a moment important enough, funny enough, worthy of preserving FOREVER.  {Click!} So why am I hiding those memories that at the time were so precious of shooting them {with film even!} in a box on a shelf I need a ladder to get to?!  This may sound silly to those who don't feel the same way about a pet but I loved my first cat.  I took hundreds of photos of her being cute here and funny there, snuggling with me here and cuddling with Doug there...  I have two photos of her in the house hanging now.  What was the point to all those others?  I don't want to feel like it was wasted... I don't want to diminish what was so valuable about those moments.  I want to honor them.  Furthermore, I want to honor that act of taking the photograph.  So this is any easy {not really "easy" but a very effective way} of bringing those back out.  Month by month images are layered to see what we did on that particular day one, two, five, ten years ago.  Funny but sometimes we are doing the exact same thing!  Yeah...maybe it's a bit overkill but for me it's totally worth it.  Since the beginning of this project I have stumbled onto simple "snapshot" moments I had forgotten completely!  Even images from two years back or from the time right after having my daughter {what a blur of time that first year is!} are hazy without an image to remind me...that time we sat on the porch and spoke about good food - I want to remember that...  That time my friend came and visited and we saw all the sights of a nearby town- yes please.  That afternoon my boyfriend, now husband and I were acting goofy just because we are...we were always like that!   There's photographic proof!  

Which brings me to another reason why I scour through terabytes and terabytes of images.  I once read something in a parenting book...a book about behavior and intelligence, about the developing brain of a child.  It stated that seeing the history of their family is something that can not only build confidence but can build structure.  For a long time to come!  Seeing their accomplishments in just the first couple of years - their failures, attempts, successes, well, they are invaluable to a firm center and can even build upon their confidence for future attempts and goals.  I'll be honest, this was not my only reason for thinking it was important for her to see the past.  I remember being a little girl and seeing what my family was like before I was in it.  I loved seeing how my parents were while I was a baby {funny but now I see those same photographs and see new interpretations about the same images...I see them in a new light, with adult-experienced eyes}.  I like seeing how my family was raised, how they were independent, what car they drove, who they spent time with and who is still in their lives.  I like putting the pieces together and seeing their journey to who they became.  I look {often a bit uncomfortably} at what happened once I was born and how my life affected who they are.  So.  I want Twila to see that there was life before her, before me, where her father came from, how friends come and go and sometimes come again.  I think it's all important.  If it's not then what's the point? To any of it really?  

Recording life.  That's how I see this photography.  The small and the big times in life.  But it's the small things that seem to stand out even more while hanging from these clipboards.  The fact that 7 years ago my husband is wearing the exact same winter clothes that he wore today...it makes me smile.