On this day

While working on the images for the hallway I found this image.  I won't get into the obvious issues of shadows and highlights of this unedited image but rather the day.  

This was taken along a favorite walk of mine, in South Knoxville.  I usually go with a good friend of mine and her sweet little dog.  From the images I have hung in the hallway of this week it appears that we all get together and do quite a lot of walks during the month of March.  There is this one from 2012, one from a week ago in 2013, another from this time last year, and I am about to hang one from the other day.  I suppose when Spring is calling we come to answer!

 So, below, the edited version.  I was going for a soft look of a casual watercolor. You know, the watercolor that uses a bit too much water added to the brush, details hazier, strokes and dried marks visible in the larger spaces of the painting.  The scene, much like my memory of this day, is simply splashed across the page.  What's left out, again like with my memory of this moment, are the bugs just starting to flutter about and block the paths, the sound of the birds preparing their nests for their new family members, the "On your left!" screamed out as bikes pass us by, an audible whisper of the clouds moving overhead, the panting of our happy canine companion...  Is it any wonder this month is full of walks on my wall??

Native_Green Along the Way

 So, below, the edited version.  I was going for a soft and casual look of a watercolor...  The scene splashed across the page like my memory of this day.

"Greens, Along the Way"

"Greens, Along the Way"