The Wisdom Your Born With

It's often said that wisdom is something that comes with age.  While I agree that experience and the acquisition of knowledge does, yes, make one wiser {I do believe that is the definition of "wisdom"}, I think there is something to be said for the wisdom that we are born with.  I don't think it was me who insructed my daughter to put one foot in front of the other...yes, I held her hand but it was she that understood what needed to be done...her one year of watching others scramble about must have given her the knowledge and experience to do so.  I guess that what some people refer to as "The innocence of a child" seems more like wisdom to me.  

Teaching Dragons

Twila has grown knowing the basis of things told to her: empathy, kindness, dealing with things as they come, the importance of figuring something out through practice, error, experiment.  But the way she handles herself in certain situations is something to admire...something I can learn from, no, it's something I can be reminded of.  This photo above was taken after a night without sleep, a day without ease of breath, a day of doctors visits and breathing treatments, errands and the unknown.  But after all of it she still knows how to remain in the present moment.  She understands that our worlds are very small in the grand scheme and we just have to enjoy it...honor the life we have while we have this moment...forgetting what's next and being together, present, and always up for an adventure through Wonderland.