Years ago I started a project for my husband I now call "Propeller".  Simply put, I design the album art and song titles for him and then he makes the music to go to the album.  {You can see more here.}  Last week I started another album for his upcoming birthday but decided to make it with my six year old.  The process will sometimes begin with an image I like {like with "Wonderland"} but for the most part I choose the name of the album or the song titles first.  So, this year Twila and I came up with song titles together.  First we decided to use two that she has invented and we talk about frequently - "The Rainy Knight of the Night Sky" and "Midnight Moon".  From there I suggested that we stick to the theme of the sky, nature, the elements...  Then we bounced ideas off each other.  

"How about Sunshine?" She would say.

To which I replied, "Yes!  What could the Sun be doing?  How about singing??"


Then she would draw an image to accompany the song title.  Then I would scan the image and add one of my photos.  

This continued until we had eight song titles and some of my new favorite art!  I have always loved collaborating as ideas surface which would never have happened without that collaboration but this time was of course special... My daughter and I were bouncing ideas back and forth without feeling like our ideas were being dismissed, altered...they were exciting the both of us!

My favorite image from the album was for "The Cold Rock Falls" {"It could be a song about that moment when the rock falls, a story in which the rocks become a metaphor, or it could be a pun on Rock, the style of music..." We are excited to see how Doug interprets the title.} 

I used her drawing and then added two different images... I wanted to add a scene that looked cold and winter-y as well as an image that looked like the texture of rocks.  I ended up using an image I like of bark.