UTG Ongoing project year 8


The same week in June every year we head to the same path.  We accidentally shot here the first two years and upon reviewing images on the third year I realized that it was the very week for the third year in a row.  Meant to be...  She's old enough now to know when the week approaches, "Time for the path photo!" she says.  It has been nice to see how she changes as well as the nature around her.  

This year, we were approached before we even made it to the path by a friendly woman from Texas.  She and a friend were off to hide a painted rock in the garden somewhere and instead handed it off to us. I love this idea of leaving something handmade somewhere for someone else to encounter, take, and enjoy.  It's a random act of kindness that lasts - every time my daughter and I see the rock we are reminded of her and the generous spirit she offered strangers.  I love that Twila was able to see that people do things sometimes just to make someone else happy without even knowing who it will affect, in what way, or just how happy it will continue to make us.  I am not on FB or IG anymore so have not shared it there but should you like to learn more about her project you can visit @BaytownRocks on social media.   Thanks again to Marian for making our morning so happy and bringing a bit of lingering happiness.  We are happy this world has people like you in it.