In Good Tilth for the Care of the Earth

Lately I was asked to take some photos for an upcoming issue of In Good Tilth.  The farmers of the CSA I support farm with integrity, love for what they do, respect the land, and are actively trying to save heirloom seeds... I admire their ideas about farming and their practices and enjoy talking with them about the evolution of food and what they see happening in the future.  The conversations about food and the future inevitable link to how we see ourselves living in the future.  We are linked to what we eat but we are also unquestionably linked to how we grow food.  So I feel lucky to be able to support and enjoy the food and labor that they put into the farm.  

Care of the Earth, aptly named, is the name of the farm Megan and Lalo started some ten years ago.  They are combining different farming practices, ethical choices, and ideas into everything the plant and grow.  

The article that Megan has written for the upcoming issue is all about Food Literacy and whether being a part of a CSA increases ones understanding or desire to understand more about where food comes from, what effects we have on that food, and about what we do with food once we have it.  I think that what she writes about holds true to the epiphanies I have had in being a part of this ongoing and ever-evolving conversation.  Definitely food for thought!  {Sorry... I know that was a hard one to swallow ;) }