Hands of Memories

The Hands of Memories is a quiet collaboration between myself and a remarkable poet Megan Scott-Becker. The project weaves the hours of the day using images and words to inspire each new hour, each new poem.  We use each work to inspire the next without any idea of what will come.  This is one of those magical partnerships where we both agree to let the art and inspiration guide us without pressure to know what will come next. 

The Quiet Hour

only time
and the light streams in
morning noon and night
with its dusty frayed opulence
like faded velvet
we swim in the covers
defunct gentry
burrowing for darkness' last tarnished cufflink
those last minutes
spinning in our brains like silk
daylight a web
caught in my eyelashes

An Undisclosed Hour

An undisclosed hour
floods in, weaves through the blinds,
tumbles down the stairs.
Legs move unsteady on
night-numb feet,
clumsy like a second language.
We are carried forward in
halting two-step
dream-shapes behind eyelids
shifting restlessly before unfolding,
burned off by the sun.