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Me & You 52 is a project I began in early 2011 with a friend {who I have yet to meet!} known as Urban Muser.  We both fell in love with mobile photography and have enjoyed exploring and experimenting with it ever since!  I feel like mobile photography is this new with the beginnings of photography, it still isn't seen as something worthy of being called an artform.  How can that be?  And how exciting to be around for the beginnings of something so special!  Me & You is a weekly collaboration with artists from all over the globe.  Together we each create an image based off a pre-determined word and then they are joined into diptych and posted on our website.  Please visit Me&You to learn more!

Round Seven 

I have included links on each image to the completed diptychs that these images are a part of.  Personally, I feel like these images are strengthened by their partner images.  With some of these images it's hard for me to imagine them without the other half of the narrative!

Round Six

Round Five