The Moon That Wanted More

Parker Project 004-012.  I worked on an image from 2015.  It was an image I had already completed and had no plans to re-visit.  But here I was, re-visiting. 

I gave myself less time for this image but worked on it for the same amount of time for a few days...creating a new version each time until I had something I was happy with.  I ended up liking this one - the shading made me think of the moon and its different stages. So I stopped there. 

For a couple of days at least.  I kept looking at that image of the "multiple moons".  I began to think of a moon that wanted to be more than the moon...  The idea that something perfect and beautiful would want more from life may be preposterous but what if?  Personification most always seems preposterous until it isn't...    So, I revisited the image a few more times but never liked anything more than that one with the black background.   But I thought it could be fun to try making a multi-layered image from it.  I liked it very much like this but ended up re-making the image once more to match two other images I made for the guest room.  Now I'm done.

Should you care to see some of my other multi-layered images, you can do so here.

Parker Project 002

I gave myself 25 minutes for this one.   I again started with a randomly chosen image from March of 2017.  I had just gotten a macro lens for my telephone and had taken this image of a flower in the garden...I thought the colors were beautiful so I of course ended up removing them from the equation... The idea of removing why I took the image was something I wanted to work without.  I felt like I couldn't improve natures colors and so, what would I make if I removed my initial inspiration?  I'd be left with a colorless memory...  something about that stuck.  I think I just like those words together - Colorless Memory.

"Colorless Memory", December 2017.

"Colorless Memory", December 2017.


Grain in the rain

marching in the marsh

Another rotation

from four to nine, almost late

Five to seven, back to five, no

Haikus are for people with more time

What would you like to make today? Parker Project 001

Today I attempted a new habit, a new project - The Parker Project.  I wasn't sure what would result or would would be inspired but I did know that opening up to something, anything can result in  an idea worth having...even if it wasn't today, sticking with the project if nothing else is a good habit to have and for me at least, having this kind of exercise is also helpful in keeping me on task and learning something new.

So, I flipped the timer and the sand started to flow.  I decided to randomly chose a folder of images to work on and clicked on June 1st.  June first's album was full of images from my daughter and my trip to a nearby dam and of some hiking we did that same day.  As I scrolled through the images, I looked for something that stood out.  Nothing.  Was this idea going to work??  Then I remembered something I read (and loved).  It was about respecting an Idea like it was a good friend - treating her as I would someone I cared about and wanted to see succeed.  So I moved out of her way and  asked my friend Parker, "What would you like to explore today?  What shall we make together?" 

20170601-IMG_5640 Base edit.jpg

I looked through the folder hoping for something to stand out and inspire.  Nothing.  Feeling a wall start to construct, feeling my inner critic enter the room, I tried to remain open-minded.  Base image....base image.... What would be my catalyst?  This isn't that big a deal - just pick something! 

Then a "failed" abstract image of the base of the dam stood out.  Why?  The base of the dam... I was looking for my base image, my starting point.  Ok, why not?  So I opened up the image in PS and started to cute and paste and mix and patch....  Here is the story that evolved.  

"Until One Night I Heard", December, 2017.

"Until One Night I Heard", December, 2017.

The altered state made me image a pyramid.  A thick halo of fog surrounded the pyramid until it was dissolving away as if eaten by time.  I imagined what sounds would emerge from such a scene...  Then, the last grains of sand fell and my meeting with Parker was done.  I enjoyed my first experience with the project.  Even if this isn't my favorite thing I have ever made, the experience of making it and working through the stumbling blocks was just as I hoped for.  Working with editing showed me some things I wanted to work on in the future as well as inspired some ideas for the future.  I'm looking for my next attempt!