Parker Project 002

I gave myself 25 minutes for this one.   I again started with a randomly chosen image from March of 2017.  I had just gotten a macro lens for my telephone and had taken this image of a flower in the garden...I thought the colors were beautiful so I of course ended up removing them from the equation... The idea of removing why I took the image was something I wanted to work without.  I felt like I couldn't improve natures colors and so, what would I make if I removed my initial inspiration?  I'd be left with a colorless memory...  something about that stuck.  I think I just like those words together - Colorless Memory.

"Colorless Memory", December 2017.

"Colorless Memory", December 2017.


Grain in the rain

marching in the marsh

Another rotation

from four to nine, almost late

Five to seven, back to five, no

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