The Moon That Wanted More

Parker Project 004-012.  I worked on an image from 2015.  It was an image I had already completed and had no plans to re-visit.  But here I was, re-visiting. 

I gave myself less time for this image but worked on it for the same amount of time for a few days...creating a new version each time until I had something I was happy with.  I ended up liking this one - the shading made me think of the moon and its different stages. So I stopped there. 

For a couple of days at least.  I kept looking at that image of the "multiple moons".  I began to think of a moon that wanted to be more than the moon...  The idea that something perfect and beautiful would want more from life may be preposterous but what if?  Personification most always seems preposterous until it isn't...    So, I revisited the image a few more times but never liked anything more than that one with the black background.   But I thought it could be fun to try making a multi-layered image from it.  I liked it very much like this but ended up re-making the image once more to match two other images I made for the guest room.  Now I'm done.

Should you care to see some of my other multi-layered images, you can do so here.