What would you like to make today? Parker Project 001

Today I attempted a new habit, a new project - The Parker Project.  I wasn't sure what would result or would would be inspired but I did know that opening up to something, anything can result in  an idea worth having...even if it wasn't today, sticking with the project if nothing else is a good habit to have and for me at least, having this kind of exercise is also helpful in keeping me on task and learning something new.

So, I flipped the timer and the sand started to flow.  I decided to randomly chose a folder of images to work on and clicked on June 1st.  June first's album was full of images from my daughter and my trip to a nearby dam and of some hiking we did that same day.  As I scrolled through the images, I looked for something that stood out.  Nothing.  Was this idea going to work??  Then I remembered something I read (and loved).  It was about respecting an Idea like it was a good friend - treating her as I would someone I cared about and wanted to see succeed.  So I moved out of her way and  asked my friend Parker, "What would you like to explore today?  What shall we make together?" 

20170601-IMG_5640 Base edit.jpg

I looked through the folder hoping for something to stand out and inspire.  Nothing.  Feeling a wall start to construct, feeling my inner critic enter the room, I tried to remain open-minded.  Base image....base image.... What would be my catalyst?  This isn't that big a deal - just pick something! 

Then a "failed" abstract image of the base of the dam stood out.  Why?  The base of the dam... I was looking for my base image, my starting point.  Ok, why not?  So I opened up the image in PS and started to cute and paste and mix and patch....  Here is the story that evolved.  

"Until One Night I Heard", December, 2017.

"Until One Night I Heard", December, 2017.

The altered state made me image a pyramid.  A thick halo of fog surrounded the pyramid until it was dissolving away as if eaten by time.  I imagined what sounds would emerge from such a scene...  Then, the last grains of sand fell and my meeting with Parker was done.  I enjoyed my first experience with the project.  Even if this isn't my favorite thing I have ever made, the experience of making it and working through the stumbling blocks was just as I hoped for.  Working with editing showed me some things I wanted to work on in the future as well as inspired some ideas for the future.  I'm looking for my next attempt!