Month Two Begins

"Santiago Skewed" January 2018.

"Santiago Skewed" January 2018.

Yay!  A habit in the making!  For January, I am going to work with one image all month.  This one. I didn't know that I would be using just one image all month but it's inspired me to do so and I think the exercise would be a good one. 

I had chosen this image last November to make a puzzle from and it sat out for a month, too hard to finish anything except the border and the ladder down the center.  We all gave up - 2000 pieces was too hard.  (We will try again soon with the same image in 1000 pieces.)  We ended up printing out large 13x19 inch copies to work from so we could gather more detail of the pieces.  Instead of torturing myself with failing at putting together the puzzle I fell in love with this image.  So many windows, so many stories... 

I took this image while in Santiago Chile.  I thought that the colors and lines would make for a pretty abstract image but now I see so much more...  The satellite dishes, the a/c units, the shades, the boards, the fire escape...  not one face in a window -The odds of that still seem seem odd to me...

For this first round, I edited the image by adjusting the contrast and saturation and skewing the perspective a bit...  I like the abstract qualities and wanted to enhance them a bit more. But I just wanted to get a base image for what was to come.