The Propeller Series

For almost fifteen years now I have been I have been designing and gifting album art of music that does not yet exist to musical friends.  These friends use the album art and included song titles to inspire music for each title.  I named the project "Propellers" for a few reasons...  When I made the first one for my now husband many years ago it was to inspire a whole new project when ideas were propel the creative process for him into a new direction.  Now, over a decade later the idea is more to make people smile and to journal thoughts or ideas that are going on in my own head about that person or to document an event, or as a catalyst for something new.  Sometimes, like with Wonderland, I just like the image and feel it could inspire some new musical ideas for someone.  Sometimes it's someone's birthday and I think up some album art to inspire new music.  Some times the propeller is a personally inspired gift, for example one with titles that speak to the recipient or our friendship.  Other times, the proppeller acts as a sort of challenge, like with the Greek & Roman Gods project or "We Don't Write Love Songs" - The gift of inspiration - Something to propel something to move in a new direction...also, a great way to collaborate!

The Lullaby Album

This is a cover I made after I found out I was pregnant with a girl.  We, ok, I thought of maybe naming her "Lulla".  Doug thankfully thought that was a horrible idea.  We made an album for her to listen to while sleeping and ended up taking some of our favorites and creating covers to some old favorites.  

{Songs to follow}


Del Fuego, Things I Know

The Album for "Del Fuego" was made for a friend- a Christmas present...  Above is the back of the album and to the left is the front cover.  Song titles were written keeping in mind some life altering events from the year.  {Musical links to follow.}

Del Fuego
The album cover to "Wonderland".


Inspired by my daughters first time at Disneyworld.  I made this image, liked it, and didn't know what to do with it.  So I created this album and gifted it to Doug and the DBLF Players.  {Music links to come soon.}

We dont write love songs cover_NoJP.jpg

We Don't Write Love Songs

"Why don't you guys ever write love songs??"  

After asking this and wondering out loud for a very long time I gifted the DBLF Players the album We Don't Write Love Songs.  This idea was a bit different in that I did not make up the song titles.  Instead I chose love songs of various styles from different time periods {even ones I thought they should be familiar with} and printed the lyrics out.  Instead of making up music to match a song title I proposed the idea that they make music to songs that have already been recorded.  What an interesting thing it would be to hear what music they would make to already popular songs.  The other stipulation was that anyone who worked on the album would have to write their very own love song to include on the album.

I was impressed that by removing the music and the visuals, the musicians didn't know but one or two of the songs.  Although I admit to also choosing some songs that were rare and unfamiliar to add to the fun during the final comparison to its original counterpart. 

{A list of song titles for "We Don't Write Love Songs". Music and added songs will be updated soon.}

{A list of song titles for "We Don't Write Love Songs". Music and added songs will be updated soon.}


JON, Things I Know


Universal was collaboratively made with my daughter.  We thought about creating an album with the theme of the Earth.  Titles and artwork were also created collaboratively.  To date, and for obvious reasons, I think this is my favorite Propeller.

Universal_Front Cover
Universal_Back Cover

Universal was collaboratively made with my daughter for Doug's birthday.  We thought about creating an album with the theme of the Earth.  Titles and artwork were also created collaboratively.   It really was one of my most favorite and fun collaborations to date.  

Each song has an image to accompany it that incorporates my daughter's artwork and my photography.  This was our family's first true collaboration and thus my favorite so far of all of the Propellers.




I Call Myself Beethoven

For the longest time, my friend, John and I discussed making an album cover in tribute to the German Label, Deutsche Grammophon.  Both of our fathers had so many in their music collection and we both grew up looking at that notable yellow label.  Finally, for Christmas last year, I made this for him to record.  I see this as being a great challenge as each song has a set amount of time and some have variations on a song by the same name.  A tricky one but I know John is up to the task!


Bark & Branch, Sounds of the Forest

This was a special Christmas gift for John and Doug.  I challenged them to both write an instrumental album under the band name of "Ebb & Flow".  This album was also made in celebration of the newly created Arbor Studio.

I created an image to go along with each song title in hopes to provide some added catalyst for each piece.